Our Values

What makes Listen Audio different?

High Street Shopping – it’s time to get out, experience and support your High Street. As well as offering friendly advice, personal demonstrations, a beverage, support and a listening ear, at Listen Audio we will refund your car parking or public transport fare (up to £5) when you make a purchase from us (greater than £100) – just ask at the till. It’s a little recognition to say “thanks for coming to visit”.

More Detail

Most of us use the internet for shopping and we can’t say that we don’t. As you are using our website right now, we’d like you to know that the products on here are all available for demonstration so you can try before you buy. When it comes to purchasing Hi-Fi equipment it’s so important to choose system components that sound right for your ears, not just those of a reviewer or a friend; although these can help you narrow down your choices. At Listen Audio, we can recommend and then demonstrate different options so you can experience the differences for yourself and decide where your budget is best spent. Of course, this means you have to come to our shop, so we will try to make this as a positive an experience as possible. Advanced, timed bookings can be made by phoning or emailing us or by visiting the shop. Any product demonstration can be done in the comfort of our Listening Room with your own choice of music and a refreshment.

Our Offering – the best of British and from around the world. We only stock what we would have in our own home! We search the planet for the best the industry has to offer, and our journey is forever ongoing. We are pleased to say that many of our products are designed and engineered here in the UK, and proud that some are manufactured here too. For many people, supporting British industry is an important consideration in their purchase, so we make it clear in our shop labelling where items are manufactured as well as designed and engineered.

More Detail

When investing in Hi-Fi it’s important to know that in those rare circumstances that something goes wrong then there is support to get it right. We only stock from manufacturers that have a proven track record in their specialist field and have the financial credibility to continue for many years to come. Many have strong service teams and some even service old equipment and make it sound better than ever. So don’t be afraid to ask us about repairs and servicing of your equipment. The manufacturer warranties for our brands, as well as country of design and then of manufacture are listed below. Please ensure you register your warranty on the manufacturers website if appropriate to gain the full warranty term:

Warranties / Countries of Origin
Brand Warranty Period Designed Manufactured
Acoustic Energy Speakers 5 years UK China
Arcam – CDS50 / Solo Uno 2 years UK China
Arcam – Other Products 5 years UK China
Atacama 2 years UK UK
Audiolab 3 years UK China
Bluesound 2 years Canada China
Bowers & Wilkins – Loudspeakers 5 years UK China
Bowers & Wilkins – Headphones 2 years UK China
Chord Company Lifetime Warranty UK UK
Chord Electronics – Mobile Range 1 years UK UK
Chord Electronics – Hugo, Qutest, TT Ranges 3 years UK UK
Denon 2 years Japan Vietnam
Focal Headphones ? years France France/China
Focal Speakers ? years France France
Fyne Audio 7 years UK UK
Grado 1 years USA USA
Harmon Kardon – Citation 2 years USA China
iFi 1 years UK China
Linn 5 years UK UK
Marantz 2 years Japan Vietnam
Naim – Muso 2 years UK China
Naim – Uniti / Naim – Classic / Naim – New Classic 5 years UK UK
Neat Acoustics 5 years UK UK
Ophidian 5 years UK UK
Q Acoustics 5 years UK China
QED Lifetime Warranty UK UK / Taiwan / China
Rega Lifetime Warranty / CD Mechanisms 2 Years UK UK
Rel 3 Years USA and Wales China
Technics 2 Years Japan Malaysia

Best sound per pound – because we are a family-run business and are not hard-nosed retailers driven by commission or sales targets, we have a different ethos. We are passionate about getting music to sound the best it can for the budget each of our customers have. Music can bring back memories, create an emotional reaction and even spur the most reluctant people to dance. We can go home smiling when we have helped our customers connect with their music by providing them with the best sound per pound possible … that’s mission accomplished for us.

Cabling & Accessories – These make a difference. Don’t take our word for it, come and listen for yourself! We truly want you to get the best from any system that you purchase from us, so we will offer you a 25% reduction on cabling to complete your system when you make a full system purchase (discount limited to 5% of the your system purchase value).

More Detail

A lot of the specialist Hi-Fi press would advocate that you spend 10% of your system budget on cabling and accessories such as stands. Whether you agree or disagree with this budget allocation, one thing is for certain, you will not be able to do your system justice and experience its true musical potential by connecting it up with cabling from your local DIY store. It’s an area for scepticism, but we at Listen Audio would be delighted to let you hear the difference for yourself in our Listening Room should you need to be convinced. In fact, we so want you to experience the full potential of the system you purchase from us that we will give you 25% reduction in the cable at the time of purchase of a system, up to a maximum value of 5% of your system. We stock two of the leading brands in the UK, Chord Cable and QED so please let us help you put together a system and get a great deal by including the cabling.

Delivery and installation – We can deliver within an approximate 20 mile radius of our shop at no extra cost for orders over £250 (usually outside of shop opening hours at a mutually agreeable time). We can provide a set up service at additional cost, contact us for details.