About Us

For 30 years, Steve wanted to have a hi-fi shop, and in 2020 he finally achieved his dream, with quite a bit of help from his wife, children and other family members. Listen Audio is very much a ‘family business’.

More about Steve’s dream

During his teenage years, Steve developed a passion for hi-fi. He worked hard at his education, qualified as an accountant, and was able to buy a system that he wanted. As his career progressed, he got a job as an accountant at Bowers & Wilkins and his favourite perk was being able to borrow stock from their ‘loudspeaker library’.

In 1999, Steve married Deborah, a Shropshire farmer’s daughter, and in 2006 they decided to move back up to this beautiful county so their kids could spend more time with their grandparents.

Steve worked for a well-known local food storage and transport company and was promoted to Finance Director. However, as time has gone by, Steve and Deborah found themselves re-evaluating life and discussing Steve’s long-held hi-fi shop dream, and decided to make it a reality.

So, after leaving the corporate world, Listen Audio was born and Steve is now living his dream!

Our Team


“A while ago I forced myself to do a couch to 10K course – and although I cannot say I enjoy the jog, I do enjoy the time listening to music as I trundle around the lanes where we live, gasping for breath while I say “hello” as I pass our neighbours. Other than that, I like to give moral support to Deborah as she undertakes the DIY and I love to cook dinner on occasion “freestyle”. This means that I never follow a recipe, and therefore every dish is unique and cannot be replicated.”

“I’m a really practical person with an eye for detail so I build and service the Linn LP12 turntables and terminate the speaker cables in the shop. At home I’m the one who does the DIY and gardening, and if I get any spare time I use it creatively – making cards for friends and family, sewing or baking.”

“I have had a passion for hi-fi and music for the last 30 years – and 15 of those years have been spent working in the hi-fi industry, which has seen a lot of changes to the way we all listen to music, such as streaming which makes it easier for people to gain access to music either at home or on the move.
My taste in music is varied, but I pretty much like most types of music. When not listening to music I like to go for a cycle ride with friends and take in the beautiful Shropshire country side, finished off with cake and coffee.”

“I love going for walks and taking my time sniffing along the way. When I’m not doing that I enjoy chilling out on my sofa, listening to tunes and getting belly rubs from anyone who’s willing to indulge me.”
Audio-Phil and Hi-Fido

“My name is Audio-Phil and I have a dog called Hi-Fido, we’re the shops mascots. We were created by Steve and Deborah’s son and you’ll find us in the artworks at the shop as well as on the Listen Audio social media channels.”