Hifi in Shrewsbury



15 hours ago

If you want a better body for your summer holiday to Portugal this year, it's time to listen to some jazz (yes, really! )Sourced from today's BBC news/The Times.We'll be playing Miles Davis in the shop today even though we're not going away - it may help reduce our biscuit consumption. #lovemusic #betterbody #healthy ...
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2 days ago

Have you noticed a key team member missing from the shop? Coco had an operation on her shoulder during lock-down but she's now doing well and will be back in tomorrow (although not every day).If you're in town, do pop in and give her some fuss.#shrewsbury #shopdog #hifidog ...
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2 weeks ago

Did you know that we have demonstration cables?This week we've been running in a new one in our listening room - it's Naim's NACA A5 and was designed by them to perfectly complement their electronics.So if you're thinking of changing or upgrading your cable, contact us for a listening test!#naim #hificables #shrewsbury #shropshire #shrewsburysopen #audiophile #lovemusic #shopshrewsbury ...
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