QED : Silver Anniversary XT Pre-Terminated 3m Pair


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High performance low density polyethylene dielectric

Cuts down on the amount of audio signal energy lost due to cable capacitance

X-Tube™ Technology

At low frequencies both X-TubeTM and conventional stranded/solid core speaker cables convey signals in a linear way. However, at high frequencies, X-TubeTM retains a near-linear signal transfer, whereas the conventional cable fails to conduct uniformly across the entire conductor area. The result is that X-TubeTM delivers greater fidelity across the audio spectrum which would other wise be lost in ordinary cables.

Silver plated 99.999% OFC conductors

Provides a low frequency path for the audio signal and delivers stunning high frequency detail


Wire gauge – 16 AWG

Unique SPOFC triple braid 5 x 16 x 0.1 mm
X-Tube™ technology
Jacket OD – 3.90 mm
Cross-sectional area – 1.50 mm²
Loop resistance – 0.021 Ω/m
Capacitance – 50 pF/m
Inductance – 0.47 µH/m
Dissipation factor – 0.0006

Ideal for use in all installations

QED Lifetime Guarantee