QED : Revelation Pre-Terminated 2m Pair


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Aircore™ Technology

QED cables above 2.5 mm2 cross sectional area utilize air core technology to obviate the skin effect by bundling several separately insulated smaller cores together to make up a larger CSA. If these conductors are arranged around a hollow central core of polyethylene the self inductance exhibited by the cable can be reduced to around half that predicted by calculation

Ten silver plated 99.999% oxygen free copper central conductors of 19/0.1 mm

Deliver incredibly low resistance and detail

Features Teflon dielectrics to maintain its low impedance

Low constant dielectric materials such as Teflon have been used to cut down on the amount of audio signal energy lost due to cable capacitance


Wire gauge – 16 AWG

Jacket OD – 5.00 mm
Cross-sectional area – 1.50 mm²
Loop resistance – 0.020 Ω/m
Capacitance – 35 pF/m
Inductance – 0.52 µH/m
Dissipation factor – 0.0009
Recommended for high end bookshelf installations
Lifetime Guarantee