Our COVID-19 Response

The shop is currently closed and will open in accordance with government guidance. However we are able to accept orders over the phone and will arrange delivery direct from the manufacturer, if available, or perform locally ourselves to your doorstep (within approximately 20 miles). At this time we regret we will not be able to help with the setup and installation in your home. Please use the “contact us” form on our website to get in touch initially about any products you are interested in.

We will undertake the following Covid precautions for the safety of both our customers and our staff at the shop.

  • We would ask you to please wait in the hallway should the shop have more than 4 customers in the showroom.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available in the hallway before you enter the shop. Please use it before entering.

Whilst in the shop :

  • Please distance yourself 2 metres from staff and other customers (not in your party).
  • Unfortunately at this time we would ask that you do not touch the products and instead request a demonstration so that we can keep everything sanitised.
  • At the till point we have installed an acrylic counter screen.
  • Disposable cotton buds will be available for you to use when entering your pin number at the payment terminal and we will ask you to insert your own card into the machine.
  • Demonstrations – please go directly to the till point at the booked time for your demonstration and we will show you directly into the Listening Room. We are fortunate to have a large listening room and will endeavour to maintain the social distancing guidelines whilst we take you through the demonstration. If you would like to wear a face covering during the demonstration, please do so. We can provide you with a mask if required.
  • Our staff will regularly use hand sanitiser and will sanitise all surfaces which have been touched